Schoolwork Archive August 13, 2014


Although school here is on more of a year round schedule than in the US, we are now in the midst of the longest break of the year, the six week summer holiday. Elena has finished Reception (Kindergarten) and will start Year One (First Grade) when she goes back to school in September. As a part of their summer activities, Jenny inspired Elena to take pictures of all the projects and drawings she’s created over the past year, whether at school or at home. They’ve kept the hard copies of the very best, but the rest will live on in digital form only. Elena loves taking pictures of things; we’ve let her take ownership of an old digital camera; and has really enjoyed starting this digital archive. And Jenny has achieved her intended goal of a significantly de-cluttered craft room.

I’ve picked out some of my favorites for the slideshow, from the painted rainbow to the pictures of her and Roman and us. The wolf visor originally entered our home along with three little pig hats; during one Family Home Evening we acted out the story while wearing the hats. I think my favorite might be the rowboat. There were empty seats for Roman and me; when Elena first showed it to me she was very excited about adding us in, but it never quite happened. I’ll hope to make it on the boat next time.

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