First Day of School November 18, 2013


When we arrived in England, we knew that Elena would be starting school at the end of the summer. We applied to our top three choices and I fretted for the next several weeks as if we were waiting to hear back from college. Our top choice, Grove Road School was only a couple (flat) blocks away and Elena had heard me talk about wanting to get into that one so often that when we found out they had room for her, she was ecstatic!

We went to the New Students Reception and met her teacher, Mrs Homburg, along with the head teacher, Mr Winfield. Elena was able to see her classroom and even spend a little time in there while Mr Winfield spoke about the school to the parents. Afterwards, Mrs Homburg gave us a tour of the three very tall floors of the school building, then sent us off with a packet of informational papers.

The first year of school here is called Reception—roughly the equivalent of kindergarden. To help all the Reception children adjust to the new, full day schedule for school they started off with just three hours the first week and then went home for lunch. The second week they stayed until just after lunch, and the third week they stayed for the full time. Elena was exhausted the first week, but has since adjusted very well to her new daily schedule. Her teacher has a blog, so we can see what they are up to.

She has made several friends and enjoys seeing her teachers every day. Roman and I have gotten to know some of the other parents and mostly we enjoy the walk back and forth each day looking at houses that are getting work done and searching for a friendly kitty that frequently comes to say hi to us.

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